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Sully 100


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The event will be held at The Diamond S ranch. This is all private land. The riders will be doing 4- 25 mile laps with about 3,500 ft of climbing per 25 mile lap. There will be two aid stations. We will offer solos riders, 2- person teams and 4-person team categories in this event. There will be showers, and plenty of camping for RV's, tents, car camping. (Trailer and RV camping fee's may apply)

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All Rules for the Sully 100:


Race starts at at 6:00am ends at 9:00 pm. 15hr cut-off.



Must bring raised firepit. Absolutely no ground fires whatsoever. Please respect the beautiful and pristine Diamond S Ranch as its heavily forested also has flat lands with Sage Brush and low lining bushes. Fire danger is extremely high in this area.


We would prefer that you don't smoke cigarettes cigars or ganja at all!! This is hard for us to regulate but there will be people walking around keeping an eye out on who's smoking. DO NOT THROW cigarette butts cigar butts or anything of that sort on the ground whatsoever!!!


What with the new laws implemented with in California it still means you must be responsible so if you decide to smoke your cigarette ,cigar or any other type of type of ( blunt, ganja, spliff) you are responsible as an adult. If a fire is started because of your irresponsibility you will help be held liable for 100% of the damages.


BBQ. Must have a raised BBQ propane or gas only no briquettes!!!!.



All animals must be on a leash at all times. Please clean up after your dog.



Camping is first come first serve .There will be area set aside just for tent camping and car capiing and area set aside for RV camping with generators. If you have a trailer and you're using a generator please understand there are other people around do not run the generator late into the night hours.


Showers- Water:

There will be 4 outdoor solar showers setup. There is plenty of potable drinking water located on the Diamond S Ranch for your use.


Bike Course:

The course will be 100% marked with chalk arrows and arrows on a steaks. There will be a GPS map placed on the website in the months to come. This course has everything in it. Rocky technical Terrain, fire roads, double-track, single-track in heavy forested areas ,open pasture land, long straight sections long hard technical climbs fast technical down Hills.

Each lap is 25.2 miles long. If you're doing a 4-person team it's obvious each person will be doing one lap. Two person teams two laps each. Solos. There is 15-hour cut off for everyone involved in this ride.


Rider Support:

All support must be done within the camping start-finish area. Rider support is not allowed anywhere out on course. If teams are caught supporting their teammate out on course you will be disqualified.

Technical support station:

There will be a technical support tent in the start-finish area for any breakdowns.

some of the basics will be there spare tires tubes bike tools air. Please be prepared and bring any back up stuff that you think or feel is needed for such a rigorous bike event


Aid Stations. Aid station placed halfway out on course at 12 - 1/2 miles. Other water and Aid support station will be within the camping start-finish area. All Riders should carry spare tubes, CO2 cartridges or air pump, patch kits and any type of bike cool tool needed. Writers can bring a backup bike if they're having a problem with their bike but need to race on the same bike the whole race only you like the back of my bike and there is a technical major problem.

Caution: Riders caught switching bikes each lap will be disqualified. Again only time you are allowed to switch your bike is that you have a major or catastrophic bike breakdown.


Rider Rules. If a rider is hurt or down and needs technical support please let us know that the start-finish area. Be a good generous caring and giving Rider and stop and help if they need assistance.


Always give a rider a heads up when passing Rider right right or left be courteous.

Any cheaters, people using abusive language to others, fighting, or unruly drunks or stoned out of your mind people. Will suffer the consequences and the rules of the Sully100 ( There is strong possibility that you will be tarred and feathered, put in the dog kennel, or forced to smoke enormous  amounts of ganja until you relinquish your bank account and all your Holdings)

Caution. This is very untrue and just a joke!!! but there will be consequences for anybody caught cheating.


E-Bike Category:

Yes there's going to be an e-bike category for electric pedal assisted bikes. This will be the first held in the United States that any bike has competed and raced in  a hundred mile Mt. Bike race. Yes there will be solo, 2 person in four person team categories. Please let's all be nice as this is an outdoor endurance event and times are changing.


We all need to be accepting of this as they are racing and having fun just like you and racing in there own category and not against you. ( All e-bikes will wear a special Bell so you held it hear them coming)



Please pack out everything that you bring in. This is not the Calif state park,  BLM land or U.S Forest Service . This is pristine private property. We would like to keep it that way so anybody that is caught dumping trash out on the course or anywhere within the Diamond S Ranch will be prosecuted to the fullest.



Each and every finisher will get receive a Sully100 finishing metal and T-shirt. Awards will go three deep. Must be at least 3 teams or 3 solos to make a category.

Special buckles or medals will be given to the top three in each division.

The top three men and women in the open solo category will receive prize money. Amount of prize money will equal your entry or more. Prize money will be based on amount of riders in the open class.


Rider Transfurs:

There will be a $15 transfer fee. Riders there is a 100% NO REFUND policy. You can sell you entry fee to another rider along with the late transfur fee.

There will be race day sign up. $20.00 late reg fee.


Juniors under the age of 18. All juniors involved in this ride must have an adult present at all times at the race.


Music & Entertainment:

After the event is over the festivities will begin they'll be live music and Good Times